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With 50+ years in business, there’s one thing we know to be true – personalised service never goes out of style.

At Onepac and Tas-Isle Trading, we’re passionate about building long-standing customer relationships rooted in trust and familiarity. We pride ourselves on good old-fashioned hospitality.

What makes us different is our combination of quality goods, local ground support, delivery efficiency, product knowledge and personalised service. We have the ability to work closely with our customers, providing end-to-end efficiency in ordering, delivery and servicing.

We make it our business to know your business. From the moment you partner with us, we commit to your 100% satisfaction.

Our story: a Tasmanian triangular merger

Onepac and Tas-Isle Trading are a result of the collaboration of three initially separate businesses that have come together to provide the best combination of solutions to our broad customer base.

First, there was Tas-Isle Trading, founded in 1971 and bought in 2002 by Stephen Oliver, who specialised in cleaning chemicals and consumables for commercial laundries and dry cleaners.

The second was Hobart Cleaning Supplies, started by Grant Henderson in 1995, who provided cleaning chemicals, janitorial supplies and paper products to the market with an amazing ability to cultivate trusting relationships with customers.

When Tas-Isle Trading and Hobart Cleaning Supplies merged, a singular destination for cleaning and hygiene solutions was created.

And then came Onepac, started by Emma-Kate and Owen Reynolds, who have supplied all facets of packaging, including industrial, food and beverage and several compostable options.

Each business realised the common needs, and so we started the process of collaboration, leading to a business merger that has allowed us to provide the best range of solutions for our diverse customer base.

We were also driven by the fact that in joining forces, we were reducing travel miles, supply chain costs and lead times – all laddering up to improved sustainability in our industry and thereby, our customers’ industries.

The collaboration has continued to date, with Emma-Kate and Owen as directors and Stephen as the operations manager. We offer over 50,000 products to a wide range of industries, spanning education, hospitality, healthcare, food and beverage, aquaculture, manufacturing and industrial sites.

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